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Size guide | Torres Novas 1845

Many clients ask us to help them choose the right bath towels. One of the most common doubts relates to towel size. Even though different people might use the same towel for different purposes, we will try to explain the most common uses for each towel below.

Size chart

Torres Novas towels size chart

Bath sheet

Measurements: 100x150 cm

Bath sheets are the biggest towels and are commonly used to dry off after a bath or a shower. Their size makes them ideal to dry both your body and your hair, providing a nice soft and absorbent feeling.

Hand towel

Measurements: 50x100 cm

Hand towels are primarily used for drying your hands or face, and are typically put outside the bathtub or shower, near the washbasin. Many people, especially women with longer hair, also use these towels to dry their hair after bath.

Guest towel

Measurements: 30x50 cm

Guest towels are typically used for drying hands in the bathroom or, more commonly, in a powder room. They can also be used for drying your face or remove makeup. In countries where bidets are frequently found at home, guest towels are typically found near it.

Face towel

Measurements: 30x30 cm

Face towels, face cloths or washcloths are squared sized towels and smaller than guest towels. They are typically used for washing and drying your face outside of the shower or, in southern European countries, as hand or guest towels in a powder room. They are considered more hygienic than hand towels because, due to their small size, are normally put in the laundry basket after each usage. Face towels are frequently purchased in sets of 10.

Bath mat

Measurements: 50x80 cm

Despite not being considered "a towel", a bath mat is a fundamental part of the bathroom linen, as it helps drying your feet after stepping out of the shower and, most importantly, they will ensure that your bathroom floor will be kept dry, avoiding accidents from slipping


Available sets

Besides individual towels, we have the following bath towels sets available:

3-piece set

Ideal for people who prefer to dry their face, hand and body in different towels, or for those who have a bidet in their bathroom. This set includes:

  • 1 bath sheet with 100x150 cm
  • 1 hand towel with 50x100 cm
  • 1 guest towel with 30x50 cm

2-piece set

Ideal for people who don't need a guest towel. This set includes:

  • 1 bath sheet with 100x150 cm
  • 1 hand towel with 50x100 cm